Free Theme: Pangaea for BlackBerry Storm


Pangaea Inkblots is a hidden today plus theme for the blackberry storm.

It consists of two primary background images that are incorporated into the homescreen so they stay present regardless of wallpaper. This is good if you like the layout, but wish to use your own wallpaper.
Pangaea also contains a number of hidden buttons to allow a high level of homescreen based functionality. They are as follows:

Signals – Manage Connections
Battery/GPS – Options
Clock – You guessed it! Clock.
Date – Calendar.

There are also three fixed buttons that fade in on focus and fade out when no longer focused. They are located just beneath the upper banner. From left to right; Messages, SMS/MMS, and Contacts.
The theme is based in a greyscale format that uses a base black and white concept to maintain professionalism and class while using colored Blackberry Bold-like icons which glow on focus to keep it creative and enjoyable.

There is an alternate version of this theme which keeps the primary two homescreen images, but does not have the background circles. All other hidden buttons and fixed message boxes remain unchanged. It can be found under the name Pangaea Original.


  • 5 Customizable homescreen buttons
  • 4 Hidden Buttons
  • 3 Fixed and hidden application buttons
  • Today screen
  • Minimal Memory impact (397 kb)
  • Fully customized lockscreen

Download: Pangaea for BlackBerry Storm
Price: $ 0.0

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