Free Juicy Berry – Memory Cleaner, Flashlight And Shortcut App

Free Juicy Berry Before you buy premium memory cleaner apps for BlackBerry try this free Juicy Berry App which will let you free up unused memory to make BlackBerry operate faster. Along with this you also get free video flashlight and quick short cut to your daily used tasks like accessing voicemail, composing emails, PIN or Text messages, memos, and tasks.



Free Memory
One-touch memory freer with automatic maintenance optimization in background. It will free up the memory in the background. You will not get any option when you click on the icon, however it will free up memory when clicked. It’s free version.

Free Flashlight
One-touch video flashlight uses your video camera app to turn the bright video light on, then keeps the camera app from turning it off (as it normally does after a short time unless recording) until you click it off.

For this to work, the light must be configured on by default in the video camera’s settings. When you want to use the video camera without the light, just press the spacebar to turn it off or switch to automatic mode.

Turn the flashlight off with Escape. If you press Close, on some device/OS combinations the backlight may stay on until you switch back to the camera app that’s still running, and close it fully with Escape.

Free LogCut
LogCut icon opens the phone’s event log viewer, which shows many details of the phone’s operational history, including messages from apps intended to help with customer service and debugging. The viewer can clear the log, filter it for easier searching, and copy parts of it to send to support personnel.

This icon may only be needed by users of the Storm 2 and the Storm with OS 5.0. However, it should work on all devices and OS versions in current use, for those who need or prefer an icon to start the log viewer.

Other Shortcuts

You also get voicemail shortcut, and shortcuts to compose new text messages, PIN messages, emails, memos, and tasks. You have an option to hide or delete the shortcut.

Compatible BlackBerry Devices

All BlackBerry Models with Device Software 4.2.1 or newer

Note: If you have a Storm, please be sure to disable Compatibility Mode for this app in Options/Applications. Highlight "Free Juicy Berry" and select "Disable Compatibility Mode" in the menu. This will enable the icon shortcuts to work properly, without opening their targets in a blue border.

Download Juicy Berry

Desktop download along with OTA links are available without any registration to Mobihand BlackBerry Site.

> > More info and Download Juicy Berry

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  1. Jim

    I found the link that says free juice berry software download, but the page I’m taken to I can’t find anywhere to download this app anyone have the real link to the real web page where I can download this app?

    Thanks, Jim O

  2. Tom

    Looks like it has been removed from Mobihand store. I have been it in my BB. Hard luck.

  3. Mirtha Glueckert

    hmm well this is new thing for me, have always been cars entrepreneur. By the way pretty interesting blog, nice going there bud πŸ˜‰