Great Collection of Free BlackBerry Wallpapers

We are pleased to introduce you the high quality BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery. Downloading wallpapers for your BlackBerry is completely free and it doesn’t require any registration. So go ahead and browse through the wallpaper gallery and download as many wallpapers you like.
Free BlackBerry Wallpapers

The wallpaper gallery is first organized according to screen size of different BlackBerry models. i.e.  360X480, 480X360, 480X320, 320×240, 240X320, 240X260. Once you select your BlackBerry model, you’ll find all the wallpapers categorized as per their theme. For e.g. if you have BlackBerry Storm, you can browse wallpapers from categories like Abstract, Sports, Scenery, Celebrity, Space etc. Feel free to send your own wallpapers to info [at] to share with fellow BlackBerry users.

Storm2 9550, 9520 & Storm 9530, 9500

Albums: 10, Wallpapers: 526

480X360 BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630 & Curve 8900

Albums: 10, Wallpapers: 1183


BlackBerry Bold 9000

Albums: 10, Wallpapers: 476

320×240 BlackBerry Curve 8520, 8530, 8310, 8300, 8330

Albums: 11, Wallpapers: 1184

240X320 BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Albums: 10, Wallpapers: 424

240X260 BlackBerry Pearl 81xx and 71xx series

Albums: 12, Wallpapers: 931

We would like to thank all BlackBerry users for sharing their wallpapers with us and making this one of the best BlackBerry wallpaper Gallery. You can also visit BlackBerry Wallpaper site for their great collection of wallpapers.

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