Free BlackBerry File Explorer FileScout Updated to v1.3

Free BlackBerry File Explorer FileScout v1-3

Formerly known as BBFileScout, FileScout is file explorer app that allows you to browse your files and folders saved in media card and device memory. You can also resize and rotate images, see hidden files, create/copy/edit/move files and directories, delete pre-installed content, zip and unzip files and lots more. Version 1.3 brings with it some great features including the ability to email multiple files and whole directories (up to carrier limit).

What’s new in FileScout v1.3?

  • New File Associations Option: "Use the BlackBerry default Browser to open HTML files". In previous versions of FileScout HTML files where always opened
  • New Function in TextViewer/Editor: Toggle WordWrap (ON/OFF)
  • New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Auto WordWrap (to select the startup behavior of the TextViewer/Editor) – default value is ON
  • New functionality in search popup
  • New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: FontSize – select between: ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘default’, ‘large’ or ‘I am an old man’ (default: DEFAULT)
  • Options are directly accessible from the TextViewer/Editor
  • TextViewer/Editor: new Menu items ‘Goto Start’ & ‘Goto End’
  • TextEditor: new Menu item ‘Switch to ReadOnlyMode’ -> this will give you access to all new key shortcuts
  • TextViewer/Editor: new key shortcuts (TextEditor have to be in ‘ReadOnly’ Mode)
  • New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Start Editor in ReadOnlyMode
  • New General Option ‘Warn when number of files in one directory exceed’: You can select between 500|1000|2000|4000 files or no warning at all
  • New Menu Item ‘Show vClipboard Content’: Will open a popup that is showing you the current content of the virtual Clipboard.
  • New Menu Item ‘eMail <selection>’ (when multiple files are selected)
  • New Menu Item ‘eMail DIRECTORY-NAME‘ (when a directory is highlighted)
  • New ‘File associations’ Options

Read: Detailed Change log
OTA Download: FileScout v1.3

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