Free App: Nogago Outdoor GPS Navigation System for BlackBerry


Here’s a free app that tracks your outdoor activities.  Nogago is an outdoor navigation system that provides the functionality of stand-alone outdoor navigation systems. It connects to the internal GPS in your BlackBerry smartphone and then keeps track of your travels, speed and how far you went. It also works with external GPS connected to BlackBerry via Bluetooth. You can use Nogago for running, hiking, cycling wherever you are. The Nogago website has an online search function to help your find tracks to trek for biking, canoeing, bicycling, sailing, running, horse riding, sailing and trekking all over the world.

The nogago BlackBerry app lets you:

  • Measure the time, distance and speed of your travels
  • Record and view your tracks (while on the go and later when you are back home on your PC.)
  • Navigate along prerecorded tracks (you can find many, many thousands of tracks at gpsies and other GPS track communities).

How the Nogago GPS tracking works:
You can create a track log (press "0″) of your movements and share this track with your friends and family when you are back. Press "3″ to reset the odometer, whenever you want to start over with measuring your time and distance. This does not affect your track log but resets display, so when back home you can analyze how far, fast and long you went for what was recorded.

You can see your traces in the map mode pressing "9″ (always facing north) and return to the instrument view by pressing "9″ again.


  • Free App.
  • Option to install via OTA or Desktop
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Ability to transfer, track, share your tracks in Google Earth and other online GPS communities
  • Provides good battery life as GUI is simple


  • The current version does not work with Verizon BlackBerry smartphone. (Need to use external GPS via-Bluetooth)
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630 is not supported
  • Measurement units are in Metrics. eg. KM not Miles


I was able to test this App in Canada, it worked well for me just needed to turn on the GPS services in Options- Advanced Options- GPS. The expected new release due in September as per Developer Raphael from Germany will include many features. Get in touch with him if you want to be alpha tester for this app.

Download: OTA # Desktop
Instructions: How to use Nogago – more detailed instructions

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