Free App: FluRadar helps you get up to date info concerning the H1N1 swine flu


Swin-Flu-BlackBerry-3 Swin-Flu-BlackBerry

I hope not but if there is H1N1 swine flu outbreak near your area and you would like to have all up to date information concerning H1N1 swine flu then this free app can bring it right into your BlackBerry Device.


  • Compare your current location to all known H1N1 events
  • Distances to H1N1 events displayed in both miles and km
  • Shows flu cases in a list or on a map
  • Summarized information concerning H1N1 events
  • Link to original source (if available)
  • Option to submit and update information

If you download this app and have outbreak updates in your area then kindly submit it and help stop spreading this flu.

This app is currently available for BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold 9000 only. I could not test this app currently but it looks very good and useful from the screen images. If you download this app then kindly leave your remarks in the comments below.

Download: FluRadar from BlackBerry App World
Devices Supported: BlackBerry 8900 and 9000

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