Free App: BlackTrack – Automatically logs your Phone & Email activity

Free App- BlackBerry BlackTrack Free App- BlackBerry BlackTrack

If you are an account, consultant, lawyer or engineer and you need to keep track of your phone and email activity then this app will save you a lot of time.

For eg. if you are dealing with multiple projects and you want phone activity of these projects to be logged so you can have it billed properly or if you are a lawyer and would like to log email communication you had with your clients on your BlackBerry. BlackTrack will automatically logs your Phone & Email activity and sends a daily or weekly log along with any notes you have added to your inbox.


  • Automatically logs your BlackBerry phone and email activities
  • Allows you to add notes to your BlackBerry activity log
  • Automatically sends a daily or weekly log to your email.
  • Report includes:
    • Time
    • Duration
    • Type of Communication
    • Activity Details

BlackTrack Benefits:

  • Identify billable/non-billable or project/overhead activities
  • Bill and track more activities
  • Improve productivity by reviewing activities
  • Reduce overhead and wastage
  • Automatic – requires no user input
  • Convenient – scheduled delivery to your e-mail
  • Provides accurate, timely and valid information with no data entry
  • Makes timesheets and activity reports easier to do

The app is totally free and is supported by advertising on your email report. I have used this app for couple of weeks now and it’s very lightweight and provides practical way to capture valuable information from a BlackBerry without any data entry.

More Info: BlackTrack
Download: BlackTrack OTA
Download: BlackTrack Zip

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