First Real Pics Of OS 6.0 in BlackBerry Slider Releasing in 2010?

BlackBerry OS 6-0

The BlackBerry Slider is hot and mysterious now a days with rumors/leaks coming out on a regular basis. We have these interesting pictures of what OS 6.0 might be as posted by BBleaks. There hasn’t been any operational BlackBerry spotted running OS 6.0 as of yet. We also have another tidbit from Engadget about CEO of Woojeon & Handan, a Korean based parts supplier to RIM, mentioning  a new BlackBerry code named “T”, possibly the BlackBerry Slider, is going to be released in April 2010. The OS 6.0 looks like using the widgets and with the introduction of Push Services and Super Apps, RIM is on the way to bring the best competing OS on a BlackBerry smartphone. Let us know what do you think in the comments.

Source: BBLeaks / Engadget

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