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FileScout earlier known as BBFileScout is one of the must have app for BlackBerry device. With the name change from BBFileScout to FileScout it has updated to v1.2.0.0. FileScout v1.2.0.0 is still available for free from but the version v1.2.0.2 is available from BlackBerry App world for $4.99. What I understand behind the name change from BBFileScout to FileScout could be the restriction RIM – Legal department has over the app names to be included in the App world. As per other developers, you can not not have “Black”, “Berry”, “BB”, “BlackBerry” names into your apps if you would like to have it included in app world. That could be the reason why the TetherBerry – a very popular app is still not available via BlackBerry App World (Guess so!).

To introduce FileScout app if you do not know – It works as “File Explorer” as in “Windows Mobile OS” and provides an easy and convenient way to navigate around the BlackBerry device file system. With this app it’s much more easy to navigate media card folders and device memory for any files including most hidden system files. You can also zip, unzip files on the fly, create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files. Check out the list below for complete list of features.

FileScout Core Features:

  • FileScout is a file system browser for your BlackBerry® (including hidden files)
  • Create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files
  • Zip and Unzip files or complete directory structures with your BlackBerry® (no support for password protected zips)
  • Copy and delete complete directory structures
  • Open all media files (supported by your BlackBerry®)
  • Register additional file types with other (3rd party) applications (if supported)
  • Open files (like ini, xml, etc.) as plain text so you can edit, mark, copy, and paste text fragments of files that normally can’t be opened with your BlackBerry®. This can become very valuable when you receive email attachments that are not normally supported by your BlackBerry®
  • Delete pre-installed wallpapers, videos, and ringtones in order to free memory on your device***
    Please note: once these features are deleted, the only way to get them back is to hard reset your device!
  • Display thumbnails for supported image files (if enabled in the options)
  • Search for files and directories on your BlackBerry® device
  • Send any file as an email attachment to your BlackBerry® contacts
  • Send any file via Bluetooth to another device that support OBEX
  • Define a favorite directory list (as shortcuts)
  • Show details for files & directories [modification date, is hidden, etc…]
  • Resize (& rotate) images in order to save time and money when sending photos to your friends via your BlackBerry®
  • Create playlists (across multiple folders)

New Features/Fixes in v1.2.0.0

  • ‘BBFileScout’ is now called ‘FileScout’
    The double ‘BB’ was removed from the application name cause of legal concerns – actually this change requires, that you have to delete your current BBFileScout installation [Options – Advanced Options – Applications] (reboot might be required) before you can install FileScout v1.2.0.0. I am sorry for this inconvenience.
  • New Option: ‘Check for Updates’ – allows you directly from FileScout to check, if a new Version of the application is available.
  • Renamed ‘Stack’ to ‘vClipboard’ in the hope that this is easier to understand for most of the users how copy and move operations can be performed.
  • New “Search for text” function in the integrated text editor (incl. “Find next” function and case sensitive/case insensitive switch)
  • New keyboard shortcut: + (M)odify Image
  • New Thumbnail Option: ‘Do not try to reload broken images’ – when you have specified a ‘Thumbnail-Store Directory’ FileScout can also store the information about broken images – so the next time folders with broken images are opened there will be no warning message for the same files again.
  • If ‘Confirm Delete of files & directories’ is enabled, and you want to delete multiple files you have a new checkbox in the confirm dialogue: ‘Do not ask again for this selection?’ – once this is checked, all files of the selection will be deleted without additional confirmation.
  • Loading of folders containing more then 1000 files now much faster (again) – progress bar updating fixed

Note: If you already have BBFileScout installed you must uninstall it before downloading the new version of FileScout.

Devices Supported: All BlackBerry models with 4.3+ OS
Download: OTA- FileScout v1.2.0.0 – Free Version (as of today) 
Download: FileScout v1.2.0.2 from App World for $ 4.99
More Info: Donation to developer and free desktop download links

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