Insert Symbols and Country Flags with Fancy Characters App

Get some fun with your friends and family by inserting fancy characters while chatting with BBM or use some in your BBM status indicator and let them ask you how did you get these? It’s definitely a cool way to use them in your status indicator in BBM.

fancy-characters There is a way where you can get some of these icons without installing any 3rd party apps by using the Unicode characters; but trust me, this process is cumbersome and tedious if you want to use these characters on a regular basis.

The Fancy Characters App for BlackBerry does it very well with affordable price of just $1.49. It provides 250+ Colored Smiles and 250+ Country Flags icons for BBM 5.0. All these icons are categorized with different tabs for easy access to the characters you want.

Once you install Fancy Characters App, you can insert the characters in BlackBerry Messenger, SMS (GSM devices only), PIN messages, Instant Messengers and Emails anywhere you want. The process is very simple. Where ever you want to insert a character, just click the Menu button and you’ll see an option to insert a Fancy Character. Select that and you’ll be able to browse through the Fancy Character library, which contains symbols of all types.

If you are using BlackBerry Tour, you’ll get some extra characters as Tour has a richer set of preinstalled fonts than some other devices.

Take a note of some of the FAQs listed by developer.

Q: It inserts ‘?’ instead of characters to the SMS?
A: Go to options-sms and change encoding from 7bit to SC2. Unless you’re on CDMA version. CDMA SMS is very limited and does not support unicode unfortunately though email/pin and other will work.

Q: Can I have more symbols?
A: You have to install "East Asian Language and Input Support" in bb desktop manager.
Those Asian fonts have all unicode characters required. This applies to 5.0 OS mostly. Older devices may lack some symbols.

Q: Why cannot I see colored smiles introduced in v2.0?
A: Those colored smiles works exclusively in BlackBerry Messenger so make sure you update your BBM first if needed.

The Fancy Characters App is compatible with all BlackBerry models and available for $1.49.

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    how can i get rid of it?

    • Munish

      Go to Options – Advanced Options – Applications – Highlight which ever app you want to delete – Press Menu button – Delete

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    Every socialnetwork I was delet all ready