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Desktop Manager Email Settings The “Email Settings” icon on BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows you to view statistics such as how many email messages and organizer data items you have received on your device from BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and it is also used as “Desktop Redirector”, very old way of sending  emails from Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Exchange) to a BlackBerry. If you a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) user and have this “Email Settings” icon on Desktop Manager of your PC, continue reading this post until end. If you are using Desktop Manager on Mac, you’re good to go.


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First of all, let me clarify, the “Email Settings” icon on BlackBerry Desktop Manager is optional and not required at all if you’re receiving emails via BIS. If you’re on BES, it’s optional too as it only provides you the email statistics.

How one gets Email Settings icon on BlackBerry Desktop Manager

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While installing Desktop Manager on a PC, you see the prompt to select the Email type you want to integrate with and the choices you get are “Work Email” or “Personal Email”. If you select “Work Email”, then “Email Setting” icon will show up on the Desktop Manager.

How does BlackBerry Desktop Redirector work?

This Email Settings with Desktop Manager is known as “Desktop Redirector”. In old days, this was the popular method of redirecting emails coming from MS Exchange Server to Microsoft Outlook to a BlackBerry device.

The main advantage of using Desktop Redirector was to get the emails in real time, which wasn’t a feature for BIS in early days. The main drawback with Desktop Redirector is it’s inability to send the email attachments  and you need to keep the PC running 27/7 for emails to redirect.

Do I really need Desktop Redirector?

No. BIS, BES and BESX are far better ways to send emails to a BlackBerry. It’s only useful if you’re on BES and want to see the email statistics. Again, it’s optional.

What could go wrong if BIS user has Email Settings icon on Desktop Manager?

It is strongly advised to have it removed if you are getting emails on your BlackBerry via BIS. It could potentially mess up the way you receive emails on BlackBerry.

To give the example for BIS users: what happens is, as soon as you connect your BlackBerry to a computer which has this Desktop Redirector installed, it will try to push it’s redirector service books which will mess up BIS service books, resulting in improper service books on your BlackBerry. Because of this most of the time, you start getting hundreds of “Network@etp emails on your BlackBerry.

The Best Practice to clean up Desktop Redirector Service books

Follow this steps only if you are a BIS user and have this Desktop Manager with Email Settings on your computer.

  1. Unplug the BlackBerry (if connected to PC)
  2. Uninstall the Desktop Manager and restart the PC 
  3. Reinstall Desktop manager and select Integrate with a personal email account during installation even though the email on your BlackBerry is from your work.
  4. Delete Desktop[CMIME] and Desktop[CICAL] service books from BlackBerry if those are present. Go to Home screen > Options > Advanced Options > Service Books and search for above two service books. If present, select any one, press Menu button and select Delete. Do the same for second service book.

> > More info about Desktop Redirector
> > More info about Email Settings feature

Let us know in the comments, if you have more questions.

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  1. Jothy Hughes

    I have downloaded Blackberry Deskttop Manager 3 times and now have the new 9700. I clicked on personal email account when setting up, but when i go to sync, the email sync area is greyed out and i don’t have the choice to tick it.

    Why does this keep happening?

  2. Mike

    Unfortunately, on a BlackBerry Email synchronization via BlackBerry Desktop Manager is not supported. I believe you have a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) emails and only Gmails are synchronized wirelessly.

    Emails are presently synchronized wirelessly on a BlackBerry.