Bolt Browser Updated to Version 1.5

Bolt Browser Updated to Version 1-5

Bolt browser has dropped the beta tag and now has the official updated version for BlackBerry users.  Bolt Browser has been updated to version 1.5 and includes new features and fixes.

This new version on Bold Browser is 15% faster than beta 3 which is great for its new download manger feature and integrated search feature.  The improved video player has added volume controls and support for low end devices.  The interface looks more or less the same but it does perform better.:

New Features:

  • 15% faster than Beta3
  • Cache support that enables directly browsing back to a previously visited page
  • Download manager that downloads files directly within BOLT on JSR 75 capable devices
  • Dedicated search bar, enabling search on popular search engines directly from BOLT
  • Enhanced column width control that auto-aligns the text to columns for ease of reading
  • Enhanced video support that includes inline media playing capability even on low-end devices.
  • Support for streaming videos of any length
  • Volume UP/DOWN controls in the inline media player
  • Ability to rearrange the subscribed feeds using the ‘grab’ feature
  • Access to History links from the URL window with inline editing OFF
  • One click access on Home Page that ensures the cursor jumps to the desired widget

To download Bolt Browser visit and have a link sent to your BlackBerry. If you already have Bolt installed, you will be automatically prompted to download the latest build when attempting to access a website.

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