Customize BlackBerry LED Alerts With Blink App


BlackBerry devices have built in LED alerts system which helps you easily identify a particular notification. for e.g. the red LED color will flash when you receive new email or SMS. You can customize this entire LED alerts system and get more fancier with variety of colors and blinking patterns. Blink app for BlackBerry lets you customize these LED alerts notifications the way you want. Blink is one of the best sellers app with more than 2000 user ratings and lots of positive feedback from the users.

The feature I like the most about this app is the option to choose Disco colors (Developer calls it “Disco” ) and keep it always ON to make the BlackBerry blink different colors. It looks really cool in the night. Though LED uses very little battery, you can also set the duration of an alert blink to get more battery life with this app.

Other than above you can customize the LED alerts for Emails, SMS, BBM, PIN messages, missed calls, new phone calls, active connected calls, battery and memory levels.

The Blink app is compatible with all BlackBerry models and developer provides 5 days trial before you buy it for $3.99.

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