BlackBerry Traffic Now Available in App World


BlackBerry Traffic has been officially released to the App World. The features coming with version 3.0 are very useful and the app provides very accurate information. The voice guidance has pretty good timing too. The voice instructions can be heard via Bluetooth headset and it provides turn-by-turn directions.

Following is the official change log for this upgrade.

  • Now featuring voice guidance projected clearly through your device’s speaker, Bluetooth or car system’s input; program it to be as detailed as you want so you have constant direction
  • Avoid toll routes with alternate route ideas before leaving for your trip
  • Invite others to use BlackBerry Traffic 3.0 via BBM

You need the GPS enabled BlackBerry. You can browse through the BlackBerry Smartphone catalog and check any BlackBerry device specifications easily.

BlackBerry Traffic is a free app and you can download it from the App World.

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