BlackBerry Slider Pictures Show Up Online

BlackBerry Slider

We’re seeing some or the other leaked BlackBerry info every week may be because BlackBerry enthusiasts are showing up high interest in leaked content and digging it out very religiously. This week we have some more clear images of this prototype BlackBerry known as Slider. So far, all the leaked images do not show any powered up screen so nothing much to confirm about the OS or whether it has touch screen or not but it’s getting more interesting as we see the pictures coming out about this hybrid model.

BlackBerry Slider Back

As we have learnt from past hardware leaks, things will improve and change in the actual releases as these prototypes are very early in house models. So far one picture shows it has the F-S1 battery and it’s fairy thicker and a bit longer in the picture showing it next to Curve 8900.

So far, rumors about this BlackBerry Slider says: it has screen like Storm series without SurePress and a full qwerty physical keyboard like Bold 9000 and may get 9700a as the model number. Nothing is solid about the camera resolution, series name or the model number but one thing is sure without saying that the BlackBerry Slider is the most mysterious devices. What do you think?


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