BlackBerry Ringtones Gallery and BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery

We are very happy to introduce you the free BlackBerry Ringtones Gallery and BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery. All smartphones including BlackBerry come with limited default ringtones and wallpapers and they are not sufficient to satisfy users liking and mood. With BlackBerry, many of you would be frequently changing the BlackBerry Ringtones and BlackBerry Wallpaper to personalize and to make you happy we have a good collection of user generated BlackBerry Ringtones and Wallpapers for you.

BlackBerry Ringtones Gallery


mp3 format is compatible for BlackBerry devices and we have tones of user contributed BlackBerry Ringtones available for you to download to your device. All the BlackBerry Ringtones are categorized by their Artist, Title and Genre. We have also tagged all BlackBerry Ringtones and it will make it easy for a quick search.

There are no restrictions for downloading ringtones, just browse, play and download as many BlackBerry Ringtones as you like.

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BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery


Unlike iPhone and other smartphones, BlackBerry comes in many different sizes and it’s hard to find the good quality wallpapers optimized for a particular BlackBerry model. For e.g. BlackBerry Storm Wallpaper should have 360×480 screen resolution where as BlackBerry Curve 8520 Wallpaper needs 320×240 resolution. Keeping this in mind we have all wallpapers optimized for all different BlackBerry models, so you do not have to worry about wallpaper being cropped from the sides and the top.

You will find the wallpaper perfectly aligned in your BlackBerry the way you see in this BlackBerry wallpaper gallery.

Feel free to download as many BlackBerry wallpapers as you like. There is no registration required and download is completely free.

Select the screen resolution of your BlackBerry from the below list to browse the BlackBerry Wallpapers.

360X400  480X360  480X320  320×240  240X320 240X260

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You can download BlackBerry Wallpapers and Ringtones on your PC or Mac and then transfer those to your BlackBerry device. We also have step by step guide to download wallpapers and ringtones directly to a BlackBerry.

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