BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Now Available For Download!


After the official press release announcement and seeing some live pictures we have now the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express available for download. This new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software is provided free of charge in order to address two key market opportunities. First, the software offers economical advantages to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that desire the enterprise-grade security and manageability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server but don’t require all of its advanced features. Second, more and more consumers are purchasing BlackBerry smartphones and the free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software provides a cost-effective solution that enables IT departments to meet the growing demand from employees to be able to connect their personal BlackBerry smartphones to their work email.

Visit the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express download page and fill in the requested information. You will then be given an order number an an email sent to the email you provided. Shortly after, you will then receive your download link via email to grab your version of BESX along with some great information and support articles to get you started.

> > For More Information And Downloads Visit The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Site

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  1. Nasir Uddin

    Hello, Please let me know how to disable IT policy on the blackberry?

  2. Munish


    As you know the recommended way would be to get in touch with BES admin but in this situation (as I know), I would still keep the hope high
    – Try using other Windows based BlackBerry management software like BBSAK and BlackBerry Master Control Program and see if it helps
    – For 8310, I have heard other people were able to get rid of IT policy
    – Since in your case, it’s not fully implemented the other option could be to have the data plan removed, device wiped and have the data plan added back
    – Let me know how it goes.
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂