BlackBerry Desktop Manger Version 4.7 Vs Version 5.0 – visible changes


As we are actively keeping an eye on the release of new Desktop Manager V5.0 which is rolled out with BlackBerry Tour device, and now available at Verizon download site to download we have outlined what’s improved in Desktop Manager V5.0 for your reference.

This is an unofficial change log of Desktop Manager 5.0 and shows the visible differences noticed in the User Interface (UI).

    Media Manager
  • Users who do not install either media program during the installation process will still be able to do so after the fact without having to reinstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager. (KB18341)
  • During the installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5.0, users now have the option to choose which Media programs they wish to install.  Options will be presented to include BlackBerry Media Sync and/or Roxio Media Manager.(KB18341)
  • It seems like there will be only one type of Desktop Manager which includes Roxeo Media Manager by default– earlier it used to be two types – one with Media Manager and other without Media Manager* (This will be confirmed when DM 5.0 officially available for download from the BlackBerry site)
    More security:
  • Password protect your Back up files. This is worth noticing improvement. Now even if some one gets access to your Back up file, without the file password, no one can restore it on the device.

    Connection Options:
  • Option to prompt before connecting to Bluetooth enabled device
    User Interface
  • Addition of informative text in Application loader process. (This task may take up to 30 minutes to complete). This is a good change which was needed for new users to know that this process some times does take longer time to finish.
  • Noticeable Free Space in Application loader process screen
  • Smarter Drop Down Help Menu – Instead of grayed out  options in V4.7 now you will only see it when the device is connected or the Device Software of a particular model is installed






Let us know in the comments if you find more updates.

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  1. Kevin

    Wow…I liked the new security feature with Back up files

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