BlackBerry App World 2.0 Introduced; Includes Carrier Billing

BB-App-World-Logo RIM is about to roll out BlackBerry App World 2.0 in very near future with exciting new features which include much awaited carrier billing, BlackBerry ID and more.

Carrier Billing

As of today with the old version of App World, users have to use the PayPal to buy Apps from the App World. In the new version along with PayPal, users will have an option to directly bill their credit card or choose Carrier Billing where it will be billed to user’s monthly bill through their respective carrier.

BlackBerry ID (BBID)

The other new feature is the BlackBerry ID (BBID) through which users can maintain their unique ID with carriers and will remain same even though they change their BlackBerry devices or change their carrier.

QR Code & User Interface

There will be a few minor UI changes, including an upgraded search feature for returning better results. Words are on the Internet that RIM will be integrating QR code in App World. This will allow developers to advertise their apps with a QR code; where a potential customer can scan the bar code and be taken directly to the app.

There is not any confirmed date for the release of the App World 2.0 but we should expect it in very near future. These changes in the App World may help RIM to allow App World access in more countries and in turn help app developers sell more apps.

Via: PhoneScoop

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