BIS 2.8 Upgraded For All North American Carriers


As per BGR, RIM has updated the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) to version 2.8 for all North American Carriers. BIS 2.8 has many enhancements including much awaited two way Gmail contacts sync.

New Features:

  • Two-way wireless synchronization with Google Mail Contacts and the Address Book on the BlackBerry smart phone:
    • Synchronize Google Mail contacts quickly and easily to the BlackBerry smart phone
    • Add or edit Contacts and the Contacts are automatically updated, whether they are updated on the computer or BlackBerry smart phone
    • Note: Two-way wireless Contact synchronization with Google Mail Contacts requires BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and configuration through email settings on the BlackBerry smart phone.  Additional requirements and constraints may be found within the BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8 Documentation Kit. This feature is not supported on BlackBerry smart phones with BlackBerry® Connect™ software.
  • Enhancements to email setup and settings:
    • Automatic Login now supports most billing identifiers, which allows new subscribers with wireless service providers that use PIN, IMEI, or ESN as a billing identifier to create BlackBerry Internet Service accounts from the BlackBerry smart phone, without having to create a login user name and password
    • Note: This feature will be available approximately one week after the BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade.
  • Windows Live Hotmail revalidation:
    • With BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8, new Windows Live Hotmail mail integrations will be defaulted to a protocol that is designed so as not to require 90 day reauthorization.
    • Note: Existing BlackBerry smart phone users accessing Windows Live Hotmail using Microsoft MSP will still be required to revalidate their Windows Live Hotmail account every 90 days.
So, How to find out if you’re on BIS 2.8?

Most of the time, RIM does not provide any change log for many software updates and the current version of BIS is not mentioned anywhere on the BIS client side but as mentioned above if you can sync your Gmail contacts wirelessly then consider, it’s BIS 2.8 in the backend.

As per BIS help and Nan Palmero, you can enable/disable the Gmail Contact sync in following way.

Note: Depending on your messaging service plan, this feature might not be supported.

  1. On the BlackBerry® Internet Service web site, in the left pane, click Email Accounts.
  2. Click the Edit icon beside your Google Mail™ email address.
  3. Select the Contacts check box.
  4. Click Save.

After you finish: To stop synchronizing your contacts, clear the Contacts check box.

So if you don’t see this option, you’re not on BIS 2.8 yet. If you do see this option, you’re all set!  Remember, you have to be running OS 5.0 to use this feature. Other then “Send Service Books” options moved under “Help” menu, I do not see any change, may be because I am not on OS 5.0 yet, but do leave a comment if you see it on your BIS account.

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