Beyond160 – BlackBerry Application 50% Off Today!


If you are texting a lot from your BlackBerry then you might have encountered the “Field Full” message when you hit 160 characters. Beyond160 app for Blackberry will let you remove that 160 characters limit that your device’s carrier has put on you. This is very light weight and easy to use must have application for heavy text users.


  • A must-have application for users on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, and all other CDMA carriers with a 160 (or 140) character limit when composing a text message.
  • Field full? Simply hit Menu –> Go Beyond160 and continue typing as much as you want.
  • Make your message as long as you want and Beyond160 will automatically send it in multiple parts with the appropriate markers… (1/3), (2/3), (3/3).
  • Sent messages will go to your normal Outbox.
  • Saved drafts will go to your normal Inbox.
  • Send to one recipient, multiple recipients, or even contact groups you’ve created.
  • If you’re tired of re-wording your text to try and make it fit… If you’re tired of creating another message just to finish your thoughts… If you’re tired of switching to MMS and not knowing if they’ll receive it… Then get Beyond160 and experience the freedom!
  • Beyond160 will also work with QuickText, if installed, so try them both for the ultimate in texting efficiency.
  • Fully Operational 14 Day Trial Period
  • PLEASE NOTE – Each message part is just like a normal SMS text message sent from your BlackBerry. So, if you don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan, then carrier charges may apply. For example… If you type a message that is 350 characters long, Beyond160 will send it in 3 parts, which is the same as sending 3 individual text messages.

Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $3.49
Purchase/ download link: Beyond160 for BlackBerry

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