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ÜberTwitter, a Twitter app for BlackBerry got updated to version 0.964 from beta 7 released few days ago and now it is available to download via App World. Consider it’s just coincidence but in near to same time frame after the RIM announced their invite only beta Twitter app, other twitter clients TweetGenius and UberTwitter got updated too with better features. UbterTwitter is one of the best full packed Twitter app with all the features one need as an moderate to pro Twitter addict on a BlackBerry. Check out what’s new in updated version of UberTwitter.

Recently updated features in UbterTwitter

  • Picture/Video Chooser – Modified to be much quicker and sort newest files to the top. Once BlackBerry fixes the bug in 5.0 which prevents us from using their built-in chooser, we will switch to that which will provide thumbnails.
  • Viewing TwitLonger Tweets – Fixed bug where longer tweets were getting cut off
  • Copy/Paste Links – Fixed a bug where when you copied/pasted a link from a tweet it would end up pasting the entire link.
  • Avatar Uploads – Fixed a bug where some users avatar uploads would consistently fail.
  • Flickr Image Support – Now support in-line thumbnails and viewing of Flickr images.
  • TwitGoo – Now support in-line thumbnails and viewing of TwitGoo images.
  • Pressing Enter on Uber Bar – Pressing ENTER on the Uber Bar will now select the tab.
  • Friend Picker – Fixed a bug where the friend picker would sometimes not show up when pressing ‘@’
  • Battery Drain – Fixed a bug where failures to load your friends list would significantly drain the battery.
  • Short-cut to Email a Tweet – press ‘z’ to email a tweet!
  • Spurious reboots/White Screens – Through painstaking tests with our test group we tracked down the issue that was causing spurious reboots and instability for some users.
  • WiFi Only Fix – Fixed a bug where users with no data plan were unable to use the wifi only mode.
  • Reply All and underscores – Fixed a bug in reply-all where users with an underscore were not getting copied properly.
  • Added Cancel to retweet dialog – Added the option to select ‘cancel’ when being asked whether to use the new or old retweet method.
  • Load More on list timelines – Fixed the ‘load more’ button so it actually works at the bottom of list timelines.
  • Focus switch to tweet text – Changed the focus to be the tweet text and not the avatar when opening a tweet
  • www.twitpic.com URL now supported – Now support www.twitpic.com for preview and image views.
  • Inability to delete tweets less than 15 characters – Fixed the bug where you couldn’t delete tweets less than 15 characters.
  • Adding account to account list – Fixed bug where adding a new account didn’t immediately show up in the account list.
  • BirdNext Proxy Bug – Fixed a bug so that the Bird Next proxy will now work when posting tweets.
  • New Style Retweets Truncated – Fixed bug where new style retweets would sometimes be truncated if the original tweet was close to 140 characters.
  • Sponsored Content – Changed sponsored content ‘bubbles’ to look different then regular tweets.
  • GPS failures – Fixed an issue where the built-in GPS would not be used for location.
  • Exceptions when permissions were not granted – Fixed numerous issues which would be triggered if the application didn’t have adequate permissions.

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> > Download UberTwitter from the App World

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  1. gerry702

    ubertwitter is excellent i used the blackberry app, its good but i reinstalled uber i like it much better