Battery Status App for BlackBerry

Battery Status Ever wondered if your BlackBerry battery will last that important call or you need to pack that charger for your weekend vacation? Battery Status App provides you with relevant battery information, to keep you connected for longer. The only application to display your average battery life, remaining charge time, include 3 Battery performance modes and show your remaining battery life based on call, audio, video and internet browsing time down to the minute!

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  • Displays your remaining battery life in hours and minutes directly from the home screen, based on your historical average battery life.
  • 3 Battery Performance modes, including a battery saver mode that automatically adjusts your backlight brightness and timeout to extend your battery life.
  • A visual indicator that changes automatically based on your battery state.
  • Shows your remaining charge time, now know how long your BlackBerry will take to charge.
  • Displays remaining time for Talk, Standby, Internet browsing over Edge and WiFi, Audio playback and Video playback.
  • Compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones, the application recognizes your device model and displays battery information based on your device and historical average battery life.

Note: BlackBerry Storm users, if the onscreen keyboard is showing, to hide this open Options > Applications > Battery app > Menu > Disable Compatibility mode’ and restart the application.

The Battery Status App is compatible with all BlackBerry models with OS 4.2 plus. It’s available for $3.99. You can buy it for $2.99 until Feb, 28 2010.

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  1. Michael Smith

    This is a great application for my new BlackBerry tour, although the battery life is reasonably good, i now know exactly how long i have left in minutes for calls, browsing and media. I have even found the feature where it shows how long left to complete charging great.

    A great addition to my BlackBerry tour. I would recommend Battery status to anyone with a blackberry who wants to know more about there battery life.

  2. John Jones

    Hi, have you seen dub3tech’s new BlackBerry application, BlackBerry Data Monitor. I have used Battery Status for a number of months and this new one is great.