Barack Obama Interrupted by Duck Ringtone

Have you ever been in a spot where your mobile phone’s ringtone has disturbed the surrounding audience in an event like above? White house reporter interpreted a presidential speech with a quack quack ringtone while Barack Obama was talking about gay rights. I wonder why its hard to mute other mobile phones but on a BlackBerry smartphone its just one click “Mute” on the top left corner of the BlackBerry device.


Check out the above video, I have to admire the way the President Barack Obama responded to it.

About the President’s question, I am sure that reporter hasn’t downloaded quack quack ringtone from our BlackBerry Ringtone gallery. Well, I think I will have to check it again. Any way feel free to browse and download BlackBerry Ringtones from our gallery. There are tons of good ringtones available for you. Just browse, play and download as many as you like.

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