App Review- Tetherberry – Use Your BlackBerry As A Modem

TetherBerry Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Blackberry but wished you could use your laptop? TetherBerry app can help you resolve this problem.

TetherBerry is an app that allows your PC to take advantage of your BlackBerry’s Internet connectivity via a USB cable. TetherBerry allows you to use your BlackBerry to access the Internet from your computer anywhere you have a cellular signal. It uses the data connection on your handset and does so without incurring additional tethering fees imposed by your wireless carrier.Normally, tethering is somewhat complicated because it can be pretty difficult to configure your phone and laptop for the correct settings.After you have installed Tetherberry there is no need to do any other settings on your Blackberry or on your laptop and everything else is handled by this useful application.

Set up and Installation:

Installing and setting up Tetherberry is very straight forward. You need to install one desktop software on your laptop and other mobile app on your BlackBerry device. The desktop software is now available for PC and MAC so you can use it on any laptop in the world. We tested TetherBerry using a BIS connection on Windows XP Pro with SP3 laptop and the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager v5.0. It was very smooth installation.

Tetherberry-mobile app Install_TetherBerry_01 screenshot_1 tetherberry2

You need to have at least 4.5 or higher OS on your BlackBerry. The installation of TetherBerry mobile app on BlackBerry was very quick. Once the download and installation is complete you will see the shortcut icon on Home screen or in the Downloads folder of your BlackBerry. As per the Tetherberry FAQ sometimes it ask you to configure APN settings depending upon your wireless carrier, if it ask you then you can see the list of APNs for most wireless carrier or call your wireless service provider to get it.

Usage and Performance

First of all you must disable all other Internet connection options on the laptop i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The best part of Tetherberry is you do not need to configure anything on your laptop which of course the best feature. To initiate a tethering session, you need to connect your BlackBerry to your PC via USB and launch both the desktop application and the handheld application. When you launch the handheld application, it prompts you to connect to and you must respond “yes” if you want the application to launch. If you click “no” the TetherBerry application will run but the components necessary to establish the Internet connection will not load.

Once the connection between the PC and the handheld is established, you’re all set. The desktop component keeps track of the packets sent and received, volume of data sent/received and the status of the connection. The handheld component monitors the connection and will list any errors encountered during the tethering session.

The connection on BlackBerry remained solid. We used it on 3G and on EDGE networks and it never dropped the connection. It worked well even when I received call on BlackBerry.  Developer says it may not work well when you use voice data on BlackBerry while tethering but it worked for me, which I liked too. I did the speed test at various points while travelling in the car in GTA/ Toronto area with different signal strength and I have got different download and upload speed but the connection remained solid and I was able to browse/ check emails all the time.


Overall, a great app for those who travel and can’t find a free hotspot, but who still need to connect. With TetherBerry, as long as your BlackBerry can find cellular coverage, you’ve got your data connection too. Your connection speeds will be determined by how strong your cell signal is and the type of coverage you are in, e.g., 3G, Edge, 1X, 1XEV.

  • Easy to use
  • Uses whatever cellular signal it’s given
  • Doesn’t drain battery
  • 7 days free trial
  • Can use it on multiple PC/Laptops
  • 64bit PCs, VPNs and MAC supported
  • No additional cost when replacing BlackBerry device/ PIN
  • No guarantee against additional carrier charges
  • Need to have very large data plan from wireless carrier

Download: Tetherberry from BlackBerry Mobihand Site
Price: $ 49.95
Free Trail: 7 days

Note: Make sure you have sufficient (at least 1Gb plus) browsing data plan from your wireless carrier to avoid surprise when you get next bill

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