All in One IM App: Trillian for BlackBerry Now in Open Beta

Trillian is an all in one instant messenger application available for Windows, Mac and iPhone; and is now available for BlackBerry as beta release. Trillian is compatible with all BlackBerry models including Storm and latest Pearl 3G. The beta version is free for BlackBerry devices but chances are it may not be a free app when it goes out of beta. So far, this Instant Messaging client is popular on other platforms and it should help you stay in touch with your active contacts in other platforms. Let us know how this IM app works for you.

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Features include:

  • Sync with Desktops and Phones
    Keep your IM accounts and contact list synchronized through Trillian, allowing you to access to your contacts from any supported device – BlackBerry phones, iPhones, Windows PCs, Macs, or even a web browser.
  • Connect Everywhere
    Trillian for BlackBerry integrates all major IM networks in one app: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk in one place!
  • Stay Notified
    Trillian always runs in the background on your BlackBerry phone. When you receive a message, you will be notified by your choice of sounds, buzzes, home screen icons, and LED color changes.
  • Designed for BlackBerry
    Trillian for BlackBerry comes with 2 customizable themes, designed to match the looks and efficiency of the BlackBerry UI. We have also added dozens of keyboard shortcuts to help streamline your chats.
  • Manage Contacts and Accounts
    Place contacts in groups and use familiar shortcuts to navigate your list quickly. MetaContacts, contacts with multiple IM services, are grouped together with clear and legible symbols. All your IM accounts are also beautifully organized in a similar manner.
  • Send Camera Photos and Image Files
    Send photos from your BlackBerry camera and image files to any contact – simply open the BlackBerry menu, take a photo, and send! Trillian then handles the rest.

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One Comment
  1. bronzegoddess

    I love this app. I’ve been telling everyone I know who has a blackberry. Works great. I hope when it finally comes out I don’t have to pay for it. That will be a total bummer!! The only bug I found is that if this app Is running I cannot use my phone Gps. It freezes up. Other than that. Best app EVER!!!!!!