AddOnis Now Supports Lock Function in OS 5.0

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AddOnis, a very good productivity app by Twinkler Software has released a version specifically for OS 5.0 users that fixes the new enhancement for keypad lock in recent versions of OS 5.0.

Starting with BlackBerry OS, there have been changes in the security features of the BlackBerry. The Lock icon only appears when a security password is enabled. The icon has been renamed to Password Lock. If a password is not configured, the icon is not present and the keyboard shortcut will not allow the BlackBerry to be locked. So, if you’re using OS and above and do not have device security password enabled, you can lock the keypad by pressing the Mute (known as Lock) key on top of the BlackBerry.

The AddOnis, nominated as the best productivity app last year offers tons of features. This new version is also backward compatible with previous OS versions. The apps is priced at $6.99.

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