6 Tips On Setting Up BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, 8230

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

BlackBerry Pearl Flip is different and has many unique features as compared to other BlackBerry models. BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220/ 8230 has the most compact design, flip style and one more external display which none of the other BlackBerry models have. Other worth noting features are 128MB flash memory, built in Wi-Fi, SureType keyboard and UMA compatibility. Check out some of the tips on setting up BlackBerry Pearl Flip and get more out of it.

External Notification

External Notifactions BlackBerry Pearl Flip -1 External Notifications BlackBerry Pearl Flip

This is the only BlackBerry which has external display wide 128×160 pixels which can be used in many ways which suits your requirement. When the flip is closed it shows everything you have on your home screen except application icons, which includes background picture, network status, network strength, battery, date & time, alarm and unread message notifications. Some of these items may differ if you are using custom theme.

You can change the external notifications by pressing Menu button– select Options and select External Notifications.

External Display

Clock BlackBerry Peral Flip 8220 Clock Options BlackBerry Pearl Flip

You can change the clock face you see on your external display to Analog, Digital, Flip Clock or LCD Digital. Access this setting from MenuClock – Options.

SureType/ MultiTap Typing Mode

Enable Multitap Enable SureType

BlackBerry Pearl has SureType and MultiTap typing mode. For the first time BlackBerry Pearl user, SureType may not be convenient, but after 2-3 days of using it, you can type a lot faster. The tip to learn SureType typing is not to look at screen while you are typing initially. Just look at the keyboard and BlackBerry will get the correct words by itself and gradually it will learn the words you are typing more frequently.

To change the typing mode, when even you are in any typing mode, just press the Menu button and you will see an option to Enable SureType/ MultiTap.

Language Input Options

Language - Pearl Flip 8220 Input Language Options

With the SureType keyboard, BlackBerry can learn the words from your contacts or emails and show you as predictive input to provide you better typing speed. Once you are used to SureType keyboard, it is a lot faster to type on it as compared to MultiTap.

You can change the Input Options by pressing Menu button– select OptionsLanguageInput Options.

Mobile Network Options

Mobile Network Options Connections Preference Wi-Fi

With many wireless carriers, the BlackBerry Pearl 8220/ 8230 is supported as UMA device, which will allow you to make/ receive calls through your Wi-Fi and allows you to save on your air-time minutes and long distance charges. For this you need to subscribe to a particular UMA feature on your account which is provided by your wireless carrier. If you do not have any such plan on your account keep the Connection Preference as "Mobile Network Preferred”

You can access/change this settings from MenuManage ConnectionsMobile Network Options.

Auto Answer Calls

General Options - Pearl Flip Auto Answer Setting

BlackBerry Pearl Flip does not have the holster the way you have with other BlackBerry models. You can change the options to auto answer calls when you open the flip or you can change it the way you want.

To change this setting – press the Green button (call log), press Menu button, select Options and select General Options.

Let us know in the comments, if you have any more tips to share or find any difficulty setting up above options.

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  1. Paula

    Another difference is.. it uses smaller size USB connector.

  2. Luktob

    Bagaimana yah cara untuk menghhilangkan atau menonaktifkan simbol bahasa input (EN) untuk Blackberry Pearl 8220?

  3. kris

    knapa setelah instal bhasa indo di bb 8220 saya layar external depannya gx bisa tampil jam.cuma ada tulisan t-mobile aja.gmana n dmana ngaturnya ya gan??tlng bantu..

  4. chatrin

    saat saya instal BBM versi terbaru di bb 8230, waktu ingin buka bbm nya malah ga tau kesimpan dimana. Saya udah cari ke menu aplikasi kok ga ada ya..
    mohon pencerahan nya..

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