5 Things I like The Most About BlackBerry Messenger v5.0

5 things I like

If you are a non BlackBerry user then you may not be fully aware about the power and benefits you get out of this instant messaging application only available to BlackBerry Smartphone with data plan. If you are already a BlackBerry user, then you know what BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) does however check it out, BBM is now more than just an instant messaging client.

Contact Status Updates


Now with BBM 5.0, I can allow my other BBM contacts to see the titles of songs I am listening to and at the same time I can see what music my other friend’s are playing. A great way to share and stay connected.

You can enable/disable this feature from BBM – Menu- Options – Recent Updates

Back/up Restore Contacts

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With the previous version of BBM, getting contacts right from old BlackBerry to new one was a big concern. But now, this was improved by RIM allowing easy back up and restore option for BBM contacts right into BBM app itself.  It allows you to back up BBM contacts to RIM servers and allows you to restore to any other BlackBerry. All you have to do it to associate one of your email address to your BBM. There is also an option to back up and restore BBM contacts to media card/ device memory too.

You can access this feature from BBM-Menu-Options-Contact List

File Transfer

Same like other instant messaging clients BBM does have an option to share files which includes pictures, videos, voice notes and more. With BBM what I like about file transfers is, you can do it with multiple contacts at once and it’s quickly too. The max. file size supported by BBM is 6MB.

QR Code Reader

[Image – RSS feed, BlackBerryTune.com]

I am a big fan of this feature and hats off to BBM 5.0 product team for introducing QR code technology. Not only the process of adding the BBM contacts is now easy with this but it can also do lot more than that. Now I do not type any OTA download links on my BlackBerry browser, I simple scan the QR code.

Only Available on BlackBerry

This is not a tangible feature/functionality benefit to some of you (I know) but I take pride saying “ Hey send me the BBM message or I will update you via BBM” to my other BlackBerry friends. For other non BlackBerry users in my group, they simply feel like they are left out. I can’t help and I don’t care b’coz of my sentimental addiction to BlackBerry. I have seen many non BlackBerry users switching over to BlackBerry so that they can stay connected with other BlackBerry friends/family members. It’s like staying connected with all other BBM friends globally without incurring any incremental cost. I love it.

You can download/ upgrade BlackBerry Messenger from the BlackBerry App World or from your BlackBerry smartphone www.blackberry.com/blackberrymessenger.

What’s your say about BlackBerry Messenger? Leave comments below.

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