5 Device Settings You Should Know as BlackBerry Addict

Tricky BlackBerry Settings

BlackBerry is designed to do so many things in a smarter way and it does improve the efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, it could potentially make your day miserable, if by mistake some settings were overlooked. Check out some of these tricky settings, normal BlackBerry users may not know. If you knew all of these BlackBerry settings already, consider yourself a true BlackBerry addict!

1. Data Services

Data Services Symptoms: I can’t browse. My emails are not working. I am not receiving any BBMs and Facebook updates. You see your buddy shouting loud “What’s going on?”

Probably the “Data Services” is turned OFF. The “Data Services” option is located in Home Screen > Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Data Services.

“Data Services” works as an ON -OFF switch for any type of data transfer to and from BlackBerry. If it’s turned off, user will not be able to send/receive BBM, emails, PIN messages and browsing will not work either. The SMS and MMS will continue to work as they are not part of data transfer.

When it is turned off, the Network Status on the Home Screen also changes from uppercase to lowercase. i.e. 3G to 3g and EDGE to edge for GSM BlackBerry devices.

2. Do Not Disturb

BlackBerry Do not DisturbSymptoms: My BlackBerry doesn’t ring since today morning. It goes straight to the voicemail. I can call out, I can send/ receive emails but it doesn’t ring (period). Have you had your friend or co-worker screaming like that?

Possibly, first thing to check is their notification Profiles. If this Do Not Disturb is accidently changed to Yes without knowing what it does, you’ll find above symptoms.

It is located in (OS 4.5 to 4.7) Home Screen > Profiles > Advanced > Menu > Edit > Phone > Do Not Disturb

If you are using BlackBerry OS 5.0 then you’re lucky as the entire notification profile has been revamped in this newer OS 5.0. You do not have this Do Not Disturb option in OS 5.0.

3. Firewall

Firewall Symptoms: I have stopped receiving my emails and  SMS. I can send emails out OK. or I have stopped receiving SMS, emails are fine. Other senders are getting delivery confirmations that those messages were delivered to my BlackBerry. My device memory is OK. Hmm, not sure what to do?

Check the Firewall setting. Firewall is located in Home Screen > Options > Security Options > Firewall

As the name imply, it will block those type of incoming messages, what ever user has selected.

4. Contacts Filter Category

Filter Category Symptoms: I can’t see any contacts in my phone book. Those contacts are there somewhere in the BlackBerry as I see those when I type numbers, but they do not show up when I click on contacts icon.

Accidently, Filter Category is selected and all phone numbers are saved without any assigned category. By default the contacts are saved without any category assigned.

Filter Category is located in Home Screen > Contacts > Menu > Filter

5. Service books

BlackBerry ServiceBooks Symptoms: Some icons on my BlackBerry are missing even though those apps are installed as I can see those in the Applications list. None of the icons are hidden. Those missing icons are browser, Facebook, BBM and some email accounts. Also, when I try to send emails, I get a prompt saying I can only save it as a draft.

Service books are missing from a BlackBerry. The way BlackBerry works, configuration files called service books are required for most apps to work properly that require external data connection. Some icons may not even show up on the home screen if proper service books are not present.

Service books can be found in Home Screen > Options > Advanced Options > Service books

If missing icons are other than emails, battery pull or re registration to the network can help them bring back. BlackBerry can be registered via Home Screen > Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Menu > Register Now

Let us know in the comment, if you already knew above settings. Better, leave your twitter id so that we can follow you!

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  1. Norbert

    Oh no! Sign me up as a BB addict – knew all five of these settings and except for the firewall have utilized them. The contact filter is a particularly important feature if you wish to sort your contacts via categories and anyone who roams with his/her phone absolutely needs to know how to turn data services on & off!

    • Tom

      I knew all except Service books. I have used Do Not Disturb to prank on my friend’s BlackBerry.. That was good one.

      • Duncan Leung

        Haha; a prank that only works for BB addicts =)

  2. Gooseman

    My data services is missing. Only have Mobile Network and Network Selection Mode. Due to that I can’t register Host Routing Table. Any ideas…?

    Thank you.