10 Free BlackBerry Tour 9630 Themes

Check out these free themes for BlackBerry Tour 9630 provided by these amazing theme developers. Feel free to visit these developers for other amazing BlackBerry themes.

BlackBerry Tour Business Theme
BlackBerry Tour Theme-businessclasshomescreen Free BlackBerry Tour Theme-businessclassicons

Download: OTA – BlackBerry Tour Business Theme

BlackBerry Tour Smoothie Theme
BlackBerry Tour Theme -smoothiehomescreen BlackBerry Tour Theme - smoothieicons

Download: OTA – BlackBerry Tour Smoothie Theme

BlackBerry Tour Orange Theme
BlackBerry Tour Theme -OrangeHS BlackBerry Tour Theme -OrangeIncoming

Download: OTA – BlackBerry Tour Orange Theme

iBerry Bottom Dock BlackBerry Tour Theme
BlackBerry Tour Theme -preview_8900_1 BlackBerry Tour Theme -preview_8900_2

Download: OTA – iBerry Bottom Dock

Add Your Wall BlackBerry Tour Theme

addyourwallincoming aywh

Download: OTA – Add your wall Tour Theme

Color Today Plus BlackBerry Tour Theme

red1 red

Download: OTA – Simple Color Plus Tour Theme

HTC Weather BlackBerry Tour Theme

weatherizebottomhome weatherizeiconscreen

Download: OTA- HTC Weather Theme

Eboy BlackBerry Tour Theme

eboyincoming eboyhs

Download: OTA Eboy Tour Theme

BlackBerry Tour 9630 – The American Theme

TheAmericanThemeHome TheAmericanThemeMenu

Download: OTA – The American Tour Theme

BlackBerry Tour 9630 – Today Apple Theme

96021940 aaapip

Download: OTA – Today Apple

Courtesy: yourBBthemes.com

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  1. ryan conlon

    thansk for the post. the iBerry Bottom Dock looks great.

  2. BlackBerry

    Im a huge blackberry advocate! Im always out on the web looking for all things blackberry. I just love all the information available for Blackberries. Im glad to have found your website and read all the informative information you have to offer on blackberries. They say that googles Android software is going to knock off the Blackberry but I DONT believe them. We all need to come together and believe that the Blackberry platform will eventually rule the world. I dont think that anyone that doesnt have a blackberry knows what its like to be a blackberry owner. Cell Phones like iPhones are toys and not real communication devices. I keep a collection of blogs specific to blackberries and you have made my list. Let me offer another good tool to you and your viewers specific to Blackberries that I think you will find informative.

  3. Andrew Mata

    I’m tryng to download a free theme, but ongly get to save a jad 2 KB file. I am not getting the EXE file? Can you help?


  4. Muriel Ghia

    Will definitely come back again getting you feeds also, Cheers.

  5. Prin Gravita

    I’ve been trying to download the Business theme, Smoothie theme, and HTC Weather BlackBerry Tour Theme on my blackberry, but it doesn’t work. can somebody please check what’s wrong with it? I really like those themes. Thank you.

  6. Irvin

    I’ve been download these themes on 2009. But I can’t download it anymore, looks like the link’s been expired somehow.
    Can anyone give a new link please….

  7. joey

    The links dont work, can we get any updates here please

    • Munish

      Thanks for letting us know. Links are updated.

      • Irvin

        Still not working.
        The link asking to save the jad file, after I save & install it there’s error message “907 Invalid COD File Not Found”

        • Munish

          OTA links are up as you are able to download and save the file.

          907 Invalid COD file means, your current OS version is not supported for that theme. Since these themes are year old, I guess they may not be compatible with 5.0 OS of BlackBerry Tour.

          I’ll double check these themes again and will try to update the links or will mention the OS version it’s supported for.

          Meanwhile, browse/search this site for other free BlackBerry Tour themes.

          • Irvin

            Can you post the alx & COD file?
            Really apreciate it…

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  9. Realt

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